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Let’s give your manuscript that special finish!

VocariumSM Editorial Cabinet

Completing your first draft may be one of the most challenging — and fulfilling! — endeavours of a lifetime. However, that’s just the beginning. Then come the numerous revisions and rewrites!

But we’re here to lend a paw!

No matter at which stage you may be — ready to review your first draft, or still working on your outline — we’re here to see your manuscript set sail for publication! Paw print

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Let’s find out where we’re headed! If you have just begun writing, let’s sit down and discuss your whale of a tale and its:

  • Literary format — Are you writing a novel? Memoir? Message in a bottle?
  • Ideal audience — Students? Caregivers? Children of all ages?
  • Authorial voice — Scholarly? Lighthearted? No-nonsense?
  • Writing style — Narrative? Descriptive? Persuasive?
  • Visual elements — Will you include charts? Watercolors? Furry animal photos?
  • Table of contents and length — Sections and their names; intended page count...
  • Distribution — Self-publish or hunt for a publisher? Hard copy or electronic?

Developmental Editing

Congrats on finishing your first draft! Now, it’s time to take a good look at your work and ensure it has:

  • A clear narrative arc
  • A strong opening
  • Uniform style
  • Lively, convincing characters
  • A smooth flow, from start to finish
  • An unexpected message — and lots of heart
  • A killer-whale ending

Line Editing

Your masterpiece is coming together! We’ll now hone in on the details, line by line, to make sure nothing’s jumping out of the page, and:

  • Your voice is consistent
  • Dialogue rings true
  • Word choices are just so
  • People and places come to life
  • Transitions keep the story gliding along

Target Tracker

Whatever the next step of your writing journey may be — and the next, and the next — we’ll take it alongside you. While you write, we will:

  • Consult with you on a regular basis to help you resolve questions, refine your plan — and keep you moving forward!
  • Assess your draft at key points along the way, to help you steer a steady course


In the last stage of editing, we go all in, to make sure your manuscript is shipshape! We’ll:

  • Ensure your text follows a consistent style throughout
  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar miss-takes
  • Verify facts (proper names, dates, places, etc.)
  • Suggest a word here, and a tweak there — make the text scintillate!


When a writing project has been laid out and the print files are ready to roll, it’s time for a final, detailed check. We proofread your text to avoid typos and other errors that can occur during the final editing and layout phases. There are several layers of proofreading:

  • Print files vs. the author’s latest version
  • Spelling errors and bad word breaks
  • Consistent typeface and fonts
  • Numbering and pagination
  • Illustrations, tables, and captions
  • Conformity with the design specifications and page text alignment
  • Syntactical errors — illogical, repeated, or missing text


Wish to learn more?


All aboard!