A water world seen from just below the luminous surface; bubbles rising signal that something awesome is cooking below.

So you wish to know who’s behind it all?

Meet the Vocarium Owls!

Watercolor of a snowy owl with daydreaming yellow eyes

Zo is an American snowy owl. She grew up exploring the woods and playing in the coop with the chicks. But when she discovered the alphabet, her passion became reading everything she could put her beak into — fantasy, science fiction, romance, adventure. She read so much that Bard College awarded her with a BA in English literature. Today, she’s an accomplished copyeditor!
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Watercolor of a Mexican great horned owl with piercing yellow eyes

Gene is a Mexican great horned owl who can translate to and from three languages! He’s a serious, deep thinker and writer, as well as a baritone singer, music composer... Ah! And a photo aficionado!

As a developmental editor, he looks at our writers’ stories from up high, to suggest how all the bits and pieces may work together harmoniously.

In 2021...

Zo and Gene joined efforts to create VocariumSM author services! They help authors — like you! — in the fine art, academic, and literary worlds, take on their writing, set their pens free, let their minds soar — and their hearts reach those of their readers.

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Our esteemed clients create editorial works for:

Tufts University
Northeastern University
Harvard University
Puritan Press
Blaze a Path Productions LLC
David Hall Gallery

What our clients are saying:


“A pleasure to work with!”

Vocarium’s copyediting never loses sight of the tone, nuance, and voice of each author’s text. Their team is organized, on time, and a pleasure to work with. We have produced several artist publications together, and each project has gone smoothly, much to their credit. I cannot recommend their work highly enough.

Art gallery owner and publisher
September 2023


“An amazing team to work with!”

During the distribution phase of my documentary film over the past year, Vocarium’s team assisted me greatly by drafting newsletters and reviewing and editing written interviews, social media posts, and more.

The work, often requested on very short notice, was always delivered on time, regardless of the fact that we were in different time zones. The copy they delivered held great sensitivity, reflecting their interest in immersing themselves in the subjects at hand to bring out the best.

Thank you Zo and Gene!

Film producer and director
July 2023


“An incredible job!”

You did an incredible job editing this manuscript! At the proofing stage, I had never seen a manuscript that needed so few corrections. Thank you for your patience and your hard work. They’re greatly appreciated.

Nine-times-published nonfiction author
June 2023


“An intuitive team!”

Vocarium’s intuitive team supports our sales department in compiling, organizing, and polishing multiple written communications — so we can deliver estimates, proposals, and project plans to our customers in a responsive and cost-effective way.

Vice president
Fine art printing company
June 2023


“Well worth it!”

Great line edits. A major improvement to my manuscript. Well worth it.

Academic author
March 2022


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