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VocariumSM Editorial Translation

You’re publishing an amazing book, a delightful magazine, insightful newsletters, TV ads, or documentary films. Superb! Now, what about expanding your audience far and beyond? VocariumSM Editorial Translation propels your work across the seven seas!

What makes a translation great?

A native speaker will relish a translation that makes use of their own cultural mindset, while staying faithful to the source’s. Words and phrases in the target language don’t make a good translation by themselves. A great translation celebrates your unique style!

VocariumSM Editorial Translation will give your translation an authentic sound in the target language, while preserving accuracy — reflecting the phrasing, style, and flow of the original. For that, we make use of two professional translators and native speakers — one, native in the source language; the other, in the target. Finally, a translation editor creates and utilizes style, character, phrasing, and fact sheets, in order to ensure consistency throughout the text.

No gibberish. We’ll take a deep dive into your text, and set your voice soaring across the seven seas — and beyond! (Be ready to meet your interstellar audience!)

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Service Highlights

Our Specialty

Editorial translation encompasses books, essays, articles, screenplays, short stories, magazines, guides. VocariumSM Editorial Translation is best suited for the following genres:

  • Autobiography and memoir
  • Academic essay
  • Fine art catalog
  • History and journalism
  • Documentary screenplay
  • Children’s books

Our Languages

VocariumSM collaborates with native speaker professional translators in many countries, mainly: the United States, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Romania, and Russia.

We also have a larger collaboration network with agencies in other countries. If your project requires translation languages not listed below, let us know and we’ll connect you with a trusted partner.

We translate to and from:

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
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