VocariumSM Editorial Suite
— let’s do this together! Viva!

Say ahoy! to VocariumSM editorial suite — developmental editing, writing coaching, ghostwriting, copyediting, proofreading, the works — and set sail on your next writing adventure!

VocariumSM services offer tailor-made, full-scope editorial solutions to established and aspiring authors of all statures. We serve — and cherish! — our clients and partners, and craft with them exceptional nonfiction works for audiences in the fine art, academic, and literary worlds.

Let’s set your quill free, propel your upcoming chef-d’oeuvre — and get your audience inspired!

With VocariumSM, your voice is in good the best company!

Watercolor of Wally, the aspiring whale-author, swimming in the depths of the ocean, eyes closed, a serene expression on his face, as if he's sure of where he's going and enjoying the journey.

What our clients are saying:

“An incredible job!”

You did an incredible job editing this manuscript! At the proofing stage, I had never seen a manuscript that needed so few corrections. Thank you for your patience and your hard work. They’re greatly appreciated.

Nine-times-published nonfiction author
June 2023


“A pleasure to work with!”

Vocarium’s copyediting never loses sight of the tone, nuance, and voice of each author’s text. Their team is organized, on time, and a pleasure to work with. We have produced several artist publications together, and each project has gone smoothly, much to their credit. I cannot recommend their work highly enough.

Art gallery owner and publisher
September 2023