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Book Publication Proposal
— ride the publishing wave!

You’re ready to become an author and make that indispensable contribution to the world: your very own book! Hunky-Dory!

Whether you have a fully developed manuscript, or just a well-rounded idea, the future success of your book depends on your Book Publication Proposal.

Book Proposal?

Yes! Your Book Publication Proposal is the essential business plan for getting your book out there — whether you go traditional or self-publish.

Your Proposal helps you and your future publisher get a good grip on: who’s your core audience — the people who benefit the most from what you have to share — and what’s the special treasure that makes your book unique and compelling for your audience.

Writing a Publication Proposal also helps you map out the content of your book (especially if you’ve just started laying it out) and stay consistent with your long-term goals throughout the journey.

How to write a Book Publication Proposal?

VocariumSM Book Publication Proposal is our tailor-made solution for writers at any stage of their publication project. We help authors like you create their own treasure map: a precise and inspiring guide to getting your book published and into the hands of your readers!

Depending on how comfortable you feel writing your own Proposal, we can either offer coaching and/or editing services — guiding you through the steps of writing the proposal yourself — or a complete soup-to-nuts writing service.

That’s why we say: Ahoy there! Ready to set sail?

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Service Highlights

Discovery and Mapping

To begin crafting your Publication Proposal, we hold a series of discovery sessions to explore with you your publication-related goals and the marketing features of your book, such as:

  • Author and audience profile
  • Ideas for distribution and promotion
  • Market metrics, trends, and comp titles

In this discovery phase, we also dive into the literary qualities and book structure of your upcoming chef-d’oeuvre!

Laying Out Your Proposal

Having gathered all the necessary information, we then work on crafting — with or for you — 15 to 30 enticing pages that describe in realistic, specific terms your publication project, including:

  • The specs: working title, subtitle, book category, literary style, length
  • Intended reader categories
  • Competing and complementary titles
  • Publication hook — or the rationale for why it must be published!
  • Book outline, overview, and pitch
  • Table of contents and chapter descriptions
  • Author’s bio, network — and portrait!
  • Market analysis
  • Publicity ideas and marketing plan
  • Review of your authorial brand
  • One or more sample chapters