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VocariumSM Editorial Services

Say ahoy! to VocariumSM editorial suite — developmental editing, writing coaching, ghostwriting, copyediting, proofreading, the works — and set sail on your next writing adventure!

VocariumSM services offer tailor-made, full-scope editorial solutions to established and aspiring authors of all statures. We serve—and cherish!—our clients and partners, and craft with them exceptional nonfiction works for audiences in the fine art, academic, and literary worlds.

Let’s set your quill free, propel your upcoming chef-d’oeuvre — and get your audience inspired!

With VocariumSM, your voice is in good the best company!

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Service Highlights

How to Become an Author
(In Two Leaps)

You have a unique voice, a story to tell, someone to inspire. Yet, this alone is not enough to bring you from your great publication idea — to becoming an author.

Here’s what’s needed:

⤳ First: Cultivate an audience, those who benefit the most from what you have to share;

⤳ Then: Work on your writing with a trusted editor.

A trusted editor?

Yes! She’s a partner who can help you crystallize your thoughts, smooth out the rough edges, make your text soar!

We’re here to lend a paw!

Whether you’re an aspiring author or a well-established one, planning to self-publish or go traditional, VocariumSM editorial suite has all you need to make your first leap. Paw print

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