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VocariumSM Editorial Services

Say ahoy! to VocariumSM editorial suite — developmental editing, writing coaching, ghostwriting, copyediting, proofreading, the works — and set sail on your next writing adventure!

VocariumSM services offer tailor-made, full-scope editorial solutions to established and aspiring authors of all statures. We serve — and cherish! — our clients and partners, and craft with them exceptional nonfiction works for audiences in the fine art, academic, and literary worlds.

Let’s set your quill free, propel your upcoming chef-d’oeuvre — and get your audience inspired!

With VocariumSM, your voice is in good the best company!

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What our clients are saying:


“A pleasure to work with!”

Vocarium’s copyediting never loses sight of the tone, nuance, and voice of each author’s text. Their team is organized, on time, and a pleasure to work with. We have produced several artist publications together, and each project has gone smoothly, much to their credit. I cannot recommend their work highly enough.

Art gallery owner and publisher
September 2023


“An incredible job!”

You did an incredible job editing this manuscript! At the proofing stage, I had never seen a manuscript that needed so few corrections. Thank you for your patience and your hard work. They’re greatly appreciated.

Nine-times-published nonfiction author
June 2023


“Well worth it!”

Great line edits. A major improvement to my manuscript. Well worth it.

Academic author
March 2022

Service Highlights


No gibberish. We’ll take a deep dive into the tone, rhythm, and spirit of your text, to provide an accurate and natural–sounding translation — across all of life’s kingdoms!

Reach across the seven seas!

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How to Become an Author
(In Two Leaps)

You have a unique voice, a story to tell, someone to inspire. Yet, this alone is not enough to bring you from your great publication idea — to becoming an author.

Here’s what’s needed:

⤳ First: Cultivate an audience, those who benefit the most from what you have to share;

⤳ Then: Work on your writing with a trusted editor.

A trusted editor?

Yes! She’s a partner who can help you crystallize your thoughts, smooth out the rough edges, make your text soar!

We’re here to lend a paw!

Whether you’re an aspiring author or a well-established one, planning to self-publish or go traditional, VocariumSM editorial suite has all you need to make your next leap forward! Paw print

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