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VocariumSM Ghostwriting
— put your name on that cover!

You’ve got that great story to tell, that special piece of advice... But perhaps not the time or skills for all the writing, reviewing, and rewriting... No panic! Your ghost is here to do the legwork.

Ready to meet your very own ghost? Terrific!

Your ghostwriter is a professional writer, a literary partner whose job is to get the hang of what you — the author — have to say. She’ll work her tail off to flesh out that special message you wish to convey to your audience. (No mediums needed — she’s just a Zoom call away!)

So fear not — let’s put on paper that awesome story of yours!

Watercolor of a white ghost, shaped like a teardrop, floating in the air, with enthralled eyes and a small smile on her face, as if listening attentively to your life story; her hands hover over an unseen keyboard, ready to begin capturing it...

Ghostly Steps

Step 1.
Discovery Sessions

At the start of the writing journey, the author, the writer and the developmental editor come together to help the author trace the project’s broad strokes, such as:

  • Whom is your work aimed to?
  • Central theme, plot, highlights
  • Qualities of your authorial voice and writing style
  • Comparative titles and genre trends

Step 2.
Project Mapping

We set out to map your project — weaving in all our findings from Step 1 — and produce the:

  • Table of contents
  • Chapter outlines
  • List of materials required, including references, citations
  • List of visual elements

Step 3.
Pearl Harvesting

Here’s where we plumb the depths. Through a series of conversations with you, we unearth all the gems and collect the bits and pieces of the story you wish to tell.

We also gather all the supplemental materials required for each section: previous drafts, articles, presentations, references, data, archival documents, family photos...

Step 4.
Manuscript Writing

Armed with the project map, the content you’ve entrusted to us, and the supplemental materials, your ghost now delves into the writing process.

Your ghost will hunt down the right words, craft each line, compose every scene, breathe life into your cast of characters, cook up the dramatic conflict, put a fine point on each argument, and nail down that memorable resolution.

Throughout the writing, author and writer exchange draft versions to ensure the manuscript takes form with authenticity and cohesion.

Step 5.
Rounds of Review

The manuscript is revised by the developmental editor, the copyeditor and beta readers, each of which provided valuable edits for the author and writer’s consideration. Teamwork trumps!

At the end, we deliver a fully revised manuscript that is ready for the next phase in the publishing process! Voila!